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Complete Tree Pruning Services

Uxbridge Tree Service can keep plants, shrubs and trees on York and Durham Region properties looking beautiful and healthy through regular pruning. Ideally, pruning should be done every few years to keep your trees healthy and vigorous. Pruning regularly should also be done to remove dead wood, diseased wood and weak branches. Pruning can be done most of the year. Winter is an excellent time to trim and prune.

We utilize specialized equipment for pruning and all of our equipment is sterilized to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from plant to plant.

Types of Pruning

Depending on the state of your tree and your own landscaping plans, there are many different pruning options that our arborists can offer, such as:

  • Crown Cleaning – Remove damage, diseased and dead branches in order to improve the overall health of the tree.
  • Crown Thinning – This process reduces the density of live tree branches, which reduces weight and physical stress while improve air circulation and sunlight.
  • Crown Raising – Perfect for removing annoying, low-hanging branches to provide more space and vertical clearance.
  • Crown Reduction – If your tree has a split or cavity, this will reduce the overall weight and height so there is less of a chance of structural failure.
  • Crown Restoration – A tree that has been battered by a storm or vandalized by animals can be made to look as good as new by restoring its appearance and form.
  • Vista Pruning – Make sure that the view from out of your window is always breathtaking with a little bit of careful pruning and maintenance.

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Cleaning, Thinning and More

We perform the right pruning for your trees.

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