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At Uxbridge Tree Service, we know that the secret to keeping your yard looking great is to make sure your trees and shrubs have the proper nutrients to grow through proper fertilization. Tree and shrub fertilization is beneficial where soils have been altered by construction or where soil and organic matter has been depleted due to raking of leaves and twigs. These soils tend to be compacted and poorly aerated.

What is Root Zone Fertilization?

The best way to ensure that your trees, shrubs and plants grow strong and beautiful is to provide them with the proper nutrients and fertilizers. We do this through a process known as Root Zone Fertilization to deliver top quality fertilizer specially designed for woody plants. This encourages your trees to get the greatest possible benefit from natural growth and photosynthesis.

Deep root feeding involves reaching a depth of 10” with a feeding gun in order to properly encourage fibrous root growth. This has the added benefit of protecting the nutrients from overheating and dehydration so the tree can absorb them with a minimal amount of extra effort.

The most common cause of stress for your trees is soil compaction caused by heavy traffic, lack of water retention of the amounts of surrounding organic material. Our feed gun delivers nutrients and fertilizer at a rate of 150-200 PSI (pounds per square inch) to order to penetrate even the most densely compacted soil. The new liquid creates more space and allows additional water and food to reach the deep root system of your trees.

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