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Providing ArcGIS Technology for Uxbridge and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for a convenient and effective way to inventory trees for management purposes? ArcGIS technology is the way to go. ArcGIS technology has been used by public works field staffs, landscape architects, golf courses, municipalities and organizations to comprehensively map public and private tree inventories. 

Even if you don’t operate massive public arboretums or parklands, data created using ArcGIS technology by Uxbridge Tree Service can be useful to homeowners with large properties containing a large quantity of trees, or a variety of tree species. 

For additional information on ArcGIS technology call Uxbridge Tree Service today! We serve the York and Durham regions, as well as into the areas of Toronto, Scarborough, Kawartha Lakes, and Cottage Country. 

ArcGIS Technology: A Better Way to Manage Green Spaces

As a form of geographic information systems (GIS), ArcGIS technology allows us to gather, store, process, model, analyze, and share graphical tree data among our staff and clients. This is the same technology and data format Natural Resources Canada uses to update the Canada Base Map. Because of its high-utility potential, ArcGIS technology is often used for:

  • Inventory mapping
  • Tree condition analysis
  • Species distribution
  • Density figures
  • Hazardous tree risk assessment and prioritization
  • Trimming prioritization
  • Pruning prioritization
  • Tree removal prioritization
  • ...and more

ArcGIS data can reveal tree conditions, species, tree circumferences, and heights. 

Automatic Tree Plotting and Diagnostics

One of the advantages of working with ArcGIS technology in Uxbridge, is the ability to plot trees automatically, using any topographical map or aerial photograph that are to scale. ArcGIS makes it economical to inventory trees, project future tree plantings, as well as budget, prioritize, and quantify budget and maintenance considerations.

When used as a diagnostic tool, ArcGIS can help your team determine areas of diseased trees, areas of species suitability, and areas of soil issues.

See the Big Picture — Request an ArcGIS Tree Survey

Uxbridge Tree Service is available whenever and wherever you require ArcGIS tree surveying and mapping services in the York and Durham regions, and throughout Ontario. Give us a call today to learn more about tree and green space mapping using ArcGIS technology.

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