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When Should You Prune a Tree?

Trees add value and aesthetic appeal to your home. They are natural shade providers, and they give your property a touch of elegance. Furthermore, planting trees in your yard benefits the environment, and enables smooth flow of nature’s ecosystems.

While there are plenty of advantages to gain from adding trees to your home’s greenery, you must maintain those trees properly. One important tree maintenance task can be tree pruning, but when is the right time to prune a tree? If you scour the web, you might notice different advice on when to prune. Luckily, the tree experts at Uxbridge Tree Service in who serve Oshawa, Pickering and the GTA can help you with all your tree growing and care questions.

When is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?
The answer depends mostly on why you are pruning. Light pruning, dead wood removal can be done any time of year. There are two times to do the bulk of your pruning:

  • Winter: Just before spring arrives, and while your tree prepares for new growth, is a good time to prune. Pruning during dormancy is ideal.
  • Summer: After the new growth has emerged is often a good time. You can suppress the development of distinct branches and help shape the tree.

Pruning of flowering shrubs need to be timed according to whether the flowers are on new growth or last years’ growth.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning

Pruning can allow traffic flow or help prevent or control traffic by allowing branches to be barriers. Pruning can prevent branch or tree failure. Pruning is also done for aesthetic reasons or for adjusting shade or sight lines.

Need to Prune? Hire a Professional Tree Service in the Oshawa and Pickering Area

Pruning is best left to the professionals. Tree hazards and “defective” limbs are not always obvious to see, but a professional tree service in Oshawa has experience and training identify hazardous branches. Also, tree pruning requires special equipment. You do not want to risk your safety using power tools at great heights.

Uxbridge Tree Service, Inc. has the equipment and training to trim and prune. Our team knows how to properly trim so that your tree keeps its aesthetic appeal regardless of how much we need to trim away.

Book your tree service in Oshawa, Pickering, or another GTA location by calling Uxbridge Tree Service. Contact us at 905-852-5313 for Uxbridge, 905-725-5111 for Oshawa, and 905-294-4982 for Markham. You can also contact us online to schedule a tree pruning appointment.

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